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She was a busy panda indeed...

In trying to switch my sleep schedule by about 12 hours (as I'm moving to a night work schedule soon), I found the only way to do such a thing was to stay busy being crafty. I posted about 50 new items yesterday and today in my shop. All sorts of bookmark, book thong, and steampunk-y goodness awaits! Go check it out!


Woah she lives!

Hey all! Just wanted to give a shout out since I haven't been active on LJ in a while. Been stupid busy lately since my promotion, and trying to write more in my spare time (which I am assured actually exists). Is anyone doing NaNo WriMo this year? If so, I want to totally stalk you on the website so we can support each other in our writing ventures. 

I haven't forgotten about the prompts given to me ages ago, and I will get to them, I promise.

Um...so how are you fine people? :D

Jo...you're a pest.

I still have those prompts from earlier, and I'll get those up soon-ish. Sorry for the two month disappearing act, I'm back now! Jo had this wild idea to do quick couple-hundred word prompts. These aren't very pretty, but here they are!
Prompt goodnessCollapse )

A Prompt! - Bad Examples

This one was prompted by Tiamat who gave me a whole slew of awesome choices. Against my expectations, this one got finished first. A happy li'l ficlet featuring Jazz, Sideswipe, and a very unhappy Pursuit...they'd better start running now! Also included is mention  of Charade, Pursuit and Flattop's sparkling, created on Earth.

Jazz mentally died a little insideCollapse )

I'm taking a side step to complete another prompt from the Flattop100 series I started...oh ages ago. He's a lugnut, but I still feel bad for him. The guy who could have been a big hero if he'd just had a different background. Still, he tries, even if he fails sometimes. He's caught with Nathan Fillion syndrome and a cross between Captain Hammer and Captain Reynolds. But damn he makes a fun villain too. This one is for the prompt Control. (Now I want him in a brown coat...)

This prompt contains only OC's this time around (sorry guys): Flattop, Acer (his second in command), Triage (a doctor/younger sister of Top), and a quick appearance from Joyride (Top's third in command)

Warning for mild mention of slash.

You'll Never See Her Again...Collapse )

Completed another prompt

This one took me forever to write, but it's a prompt by Jo who wanted something to do with Puppies. As I work with a local shelter, I had to make a nod to them. Charade is an OC that belongs to PuraJo. He's the son of Flattop and Pursuit, which would make him Prowl's half brother. You don't really need to know that for the fic, just some background info.

He sits on his aft and barks...we could name him after your brother.Collapse )

I need prompts from other people y'know. Go for it. Surprise me. Nothing's off limits. Go for it.


And now...I present to you....the finally chapter of No More Mr. Nice Guy. Took me 7 frigging years, but it's finally done. The prank war has come to a conclusion, we have a winner. But who is it? The master of pranks or the master of war tactics. Pfft....as if there were any doubt!


Now then...what should I work on next now that this thing is finally done?

And not to pimp myself too much...

But my etsy shop is having a sale. Put in the coupon code SUMMERFUN and get 10% off the whole order! Steampunk jewelry and bookmarks/bookthongs ftw!


So remember this old fic...?

So I updated No More Mr. Nice Guy on the Pit: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2363662/6/

Yeah, remember that? The one where Prowl decides to get Sideswipe back for all those years of pranking? Yeah that. Lol, let me know how it is as I try to finish the very last chapter to it! Just one more to go!

To Live

Hey! Got another ficlet in this running series of young!lambo twins. This one takes place many years after the previous ones, when they're students at the Academy. So...young adults really. They have to make a choice. It was another prompt by Jo who asked for them to defy their creator Triggerpinch, and all I could think of was this scene that is going to make it into NvN when it all gets organized. So hope ya'll enjoy!

They wanted to live...Collapse )